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Technology rules the world and learning is not an exceptional case. With the advent of the computer, smartphone, tablet, learning has always been boosted up for all ages no matter whether you are five or fifty plus. The connectivity of all these gadgets, internet has a lot to offer especially for learning Languages and related studies/ courses.

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THE IMMACULATE training institute keeps up the quality of the education high especially when it comes to the preparation of English. Online protocol has paved a greater way for the learning process for the candidates.

Four courses for Spoken English are being offered by THE IMMACULATE.

  1. English Foundation: This course is for the beginners of any age, be a school child or a male. The course is designed according to the level of the beginner’s standard. Candidate of any medium (Tamil, Telugu, etc.) can ace this course with easy steps and procedures.
  2. Advanced English: This course offers the development of English skills that includes writing and reading along with the speaking skills. Candidates who have been known the basics of English can advance their English with this course.
  3. Fluent English: As the title of the course suggests, the course would be more focused on the fluency and coherence of the candidate. The course assures the development of vocabulary, betterment in every day’s conversation, and significantly in the regular and right usage of the sentence formation.
  4. Expert English: Ultimately, major topics in speaking skills would be developed along with the enhancement of their writing, reading and listening skills. Once a candidate completes, he/she would be prolific in delivering his/her language well without any hesitation.


IELTS should not stop you from achieving your dream destination, so ace IELTS with us online through Skype/ Whatsapp with lot more new venues and specific areas of what you lack in. Each candidate would be trained and focused well on all the four modules of the test. All tricks and traps of IELTS are being wisely taught with our experts.

PTE is a computer-based English language test taken for immigration and educational reasons worldwide, especially Australia and New Zealand. PTE is pretty easier than IELTS and has got similar modules as of IELTS. Crack the PTE with most advanced tips and guidelines and enhance the language skills with our experts.

TOEFL is a well-known test taken for educational purposes. Similar to IELTS and PTE, TOEFL has four sections. Assessment would be on a different scale and a candidate has to take up enough training to ace TOEFL. Our experts would guide you on the right track to crack with higher score and work on the enhancement of the language skills.

OET is taken by 12 professionals of those who are in the field of medical. The test is accepted worldwide. Our faculties are up to date with the recent changes that have been found in OET. Adequate recourses and teaching methods are done accurately to boost up the candidates’ grade. 

Sample Videos on IELTS / PTE / English


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