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Spoken English –No more fear, Speak with Confidence. Read Aloud, Speak and the whole world will be listening to you.
Online Learning/ Classroom Learning Fluent English: THE IMMACULATE Fluent English – Your complete guide English for jobs / English for everyday use / English for official use

1) Fluent English

English is the official language in most of the countries we all know that 2 billion people communicate in English. The most loved and recognized, generally used language today is English. In case you would like to join the 2 billion people, then look no further! You’ve uncovered THE IMMACULATE Tomb of English fortunes where you can examine and select the most impeccable pearl (course)!

THE IMMACULATE has organized English courses for different elements of speakers reliant on its 16 years of rich inclusion in preparing students, freshers, school students, college students, overseas job and study abroad aspirants, working professionals, housewives and specialists from varied walks of life.

Spoken English Classes in Chennai

Areas covered

  • Everyday English Phrases
  • Greetings and Introductions
  • Meeting and talking to people
  • Ending a conversation
  • Pronunciation & spelling (Starts from the very basic use of words) if the student is unable to do so.
  • Telephonic Conversation
  • Correction of common mistakes in group discussions.
  • Sentences for everyday use (Simple, compound & complex sentences are covered)
  • Basic English expressions (Idiomatic phrases and phrasal verbs)
  • Reading books helps you to master the language in 10 days (how to read quickly and understand a story, subject, etc.)
  • Narrating a story, articles, topics.
  • Topics for presentation ( presentation skills).
  • Interview skills (Body and verbal language)
  • Grammar drills (A-Z of English grammar)
  • Work place English
  • Travel conversation skills
  • Conversation skills- Eg Shopping, applications, etc.
  • How to speak in special situations
  • English in a restaurant
  • Personal Grooming & Hygiene
  • Writing a CV
  • Public Speaking
  • E-mail Etiquette & e-mail writing
  • Essay writing
  • Impromptu speech
  • English in different situations
  • Writing designs, frames, methods and techniques
  • Listening Skills
  • Communicative English / Learn English as a foreign language – THE IMMACULATE opens doors that are multi-fold.
  • CBA (Computer Based Assessment-online) Assess yourself

For Whom

  • To present the student who has been imparting in his first language to the universe of English by concentrating on elocution of fundamental words and spellings, comprehension and development of basic sentence structures and words. This is the essential walk in the way of viable English language learning. Speak with confidence in every situation.


  • To present the student who has been imparting in his first language to the universe of English by concentrating on elocution of fundamental words and spellings, comprehension and development of basic sentence structures and words. This is the essential walk in the way of viable English language learning. Speak with confidence in every situation.

Course Duration

  • 40 hours

Learning outcome

  • Learning pieces / gathering of words in the right tone and impartial articulation propels the student to peruse and to begin conveying in a foreign language. Helps the students secure jobs and promotions.
  • The student sheds his hindrances and defeats stage fear with regular practice.
  • He talks at a faster pace and blends effortlessly with English talking gatherings with the new sentence composition.
  • He likewise gets a sneak look at the essentials of writing.


Course Duration

  • 60 hours


  • To produce eloquent English speakers and writers.

Areas covered:

  • Speak in Style: Sentences for daily use in a professional manner - Basic, advanced and complex conversation patterns
  • Pronunciation & spelling / Vocabulary Enrichment / Quotes, proverbs, idioms & phrases, Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Newspaper Reading to enrich vocabulary - how to quickly read short articles and comprehend)
  • Reading books
  • Reading comprehension tests
  • Topics for presentation – General and current affairs
  • Letter writing for official correspondence ( Useful phrases for formal, informal and semi-informal letters)
  • E-mail Etiquette & e-mail writing
  • Essay writing
  • Report writing
  • Group discussion ( for business and academic context) ( updated business email writing)
  • Impromptu speech
  • Public speaking tips & strategies
  • Role play
  • Listening tests
  • Interview skills
  • Grammar drills (A-Z of English grammar)
  • CBA (Computer Based Assessment)

Learning outcome

  • The learner exudes charm and confidence. He is epigrammatic and silver-tongued and becomes a prolific writer with an imaginative and creative style.
  • The student is currently an undeniable speaker and knows the specialty of holding the group's consideration. He listens successfully and gives immediate and remedy answers. He has a beyond any doubt shot order over the dialect and a superior hold over composition.


  • English is taught in English only, at the level comprehensible by the learner. This ensures that the learner gets to thrive in an exclusive English speaking environment.
  • Trainers are lively and engage in friendly conversations with the learners which makes them feel at ease.
  • One-to- one interaction and group sessions
  • Flexible schedules and syllabi and activity based learning cater to the requirements of learners at all levels.
  • CBIT or Computer Based Interactive Training is provided for all levels along with assessment tests.
Happy Friday – Play Day: Every Friday is a special and gleeful day at THE IMMACULATE. Learners feel invigorated after playing vocabulary games, language quiz and dumb charades. Short skits (based on a current burning issue or any other topic) are put up by the learners along with the trainer. The trainer’s participation makes the skit more meaningful and resourceful.
There is always room for rejoicing at THE IMMACULATE – the students and trainers jointly organize national and birthday celebrations with pomp and gaiety.

3. Business English Skills – English @ The Work Place

Promotions – High pay packages and to be understood at the work place, smiling at each with a warm welcome, but English with a business touch, proper mannerisms, gets you the business the organization needs; profits to the maximum is the . If you knew all the English vocabulary in the world and you are unable to use it at the right place, what use would it be to you or the organization?

Business English skills are essential for getting ahead at work. In the current globalized and converging world, English has become an indispensable medium of communication at the workplace. Thus English has become the preferred medium of communication, intra-office as well as inter-office communication. Improving your business English vocabulary and knowledge will help you work more effectively. Here you can find activities to develop your speaking skills, write clear emails and increase your awareness of business topics and issues.

Spoken English Classes in Chennai

For Whom?

  • Managers and executives in all functions who wish to improve their English proficiency. 1. Front office executives, secretaries, personal assistants and sales professionals. 2. Small and medium entrepreneurs who look to better their English speaking skills. 3. Job seekers and students who wish to refresh their grammar skills.

Key Takeaways

  • Telephone etiquette
  • Grammar
  • Email writing
  • Presentation skills
  • Listening skills
  • Effective usage of English in their day to day activities

Syllabus & duration

  • Customized Course – 3 days (recommended), 1 day ( crash course) or as required by the organization. Syllabus with add-ons


  • Candidates with excellent, verbal communication skills in spoken and written communication and with a very good accent conduct the training programs. The trainers are extremely empathetic people who are dedicated to facilitate trainees in improving their lives. Takes pride in their training and believes that people sometimes limit their own progress by building barriers and self-defeating prophecies and enjoy assisting them to successfully overcome the same.
  • Trainers with at least four years experience in the education Industry spanning expertise among schools, college students and corporate employees. With a 99.9 % excellent feedback from participants, THE IMMACULATE is the most sought after institution for training programs.


  • Pre-Training assessment conducted on the English language at the start of the training
  • Individual feedback given during the course of the training.
  • Post-Training assessment will be conducted on the final day and feedback will be given individually with action plans.
  • The results of the feedback and assessment will be made available to the organization.


  • This training is fully interactive & involving participants on problem solutions, exercises and mock test. Reference material will be provided in both hard and soft copy format, which will serve as a useful guide to the participants for their reference in future

Can I take online English courses?

  • There are training institutes who give Online English courses Live Video sessions Via Google Meet/ Zoom/ Teams etc.
  • Study @ THE IMMACULATE has fun filled interactive live video sessions Online / Offline classes. Train with the Experts. Improve your speaking, listening, reading & writing skills, pronunciation and communication skills.
  • Contact -THE IMMACULATE Training & Consulting for a free Demo session on your Spoken English courses.
  • Join us to Speak Effectively and with Confidence.

What are the benefits of Spoken English classes?

  • Improve your communication in society.
  • Job Placements with good salary
  • Job Promotions
  • Speak Effectively with Confidence
  • Meeting & Greeting people
  • Leadership Skills
  • Access to the world-class education systems & establishments
  • Travel & Internet
  • Career Development
  • Business Communication
  • Education Enhancement
  • Professional Opportunities
  • Social Networking & Relationships
  • Public Speaking
  • Interviews
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Public Relations
  • Corporate growth
  • English is spoken globally

How can I improve my English speaking skills?

  • Communication is the key to success
  • Make sure you practice daily to get it right
  • Practice speaking in front of a mirror
  • Practice speaking English with good trainers or native English speakers
  • Communicate with family and friends in English daily.
  • Accept your mistakes
  • Improve your Pronunciation/Grammar/spellings & sentence structure
  • Read good English books
  • Watch English Videos/ Movies
  • Listen to English music & Radio shows
  • Have fun interacting with people and improve your communication & vocabulary skills