The OET test is an English efficiency language base, taken up by health professionals This is the assessment done for medical experts who wish to pursue their career in western countries


  • Densits
  • Dietetics
  • Nursing
  • Occupational therapy
  • Optometry
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Radiology to
  • Speech pathology
  • Vetrainary science
professionals who take the oet test


oet history

The OET test is highly recognised by the regulatory HealthCare boards & councils in the major English based countries

  • Australia
  • Newzealand
  • Uk
  • Ireland
  • Dubai
  • Singapore
  • Namibia
  • Ukrainiane

Several hospitals and universities within colleges consider OET as a proof of medical education and candidates ability to communicate effectively in the field of healthcare and medication

The grading system of OET completely depends upon each organization and there expectations towards it ... The garde is the key to base the candidate language competency standards to function in their profession


OET consists of 4 section assessment with the language base

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Which emphasis strongly on the communication in the field of medication and HealthCare secured by professional settings to

oet exam format


oet exam time duration
  • Listening ( approx 45 mins )
  • Reading ( 60 mins )
  • Writing 45 mins
  • Speaking 20 mins


Listening - part A

  • Consulting extracts about 5 mins
  • It assesses the candidate ability to find out the key specified information which has been during consulting
  • The candidate is expected to listen to two recorded settings health professional and patient and complete the health professional notes with the help of the information and audio they hear

Part B - (short workplace extracts)

  • Time - 1 min each
  • This assesses the candidate ability and experience to identify the detail , gist or the purpose of the given audio from the health care work place
  • They are required in total to listen to 6 recorded extracts eg : tram breafing , handover etc ) and answer the one MCQ question on each

Part C ( presentation extracts - 5 mins each )

  • This section assesses the candidates ability to communicate and follow a recorded presentation or either a interview based on accessible healthcare topics
  • They are required to listen to 2 different extracts of audio and answer 6MCQ questions for each extract


In this the candidates ability to read write and understand is taken into consideration this will be based on health professional subjects

Part A expeditious reading task ( 15 mins )

  • This assesses the candidates ability to locate and understand specified information from the 4 short text in a quick fast track manner
  • These four text are based on single health care topic and they have to answer 20 questions in the given allotted time. Phrase
  • These 20 questions consists of matching ,  sentence  completion and short answers questions

Part B - careful reading tasks (45 mins )

  • Part B assesses the candidates ability to find out the details , gist or the main points of six short texts sourced from the healthcare professional max ( 100-150) words each
  • The text might contain extracts from the policy documents hospitals guidance etc ... Internal communications for each text there is one three -option MCQ

Part C this assesses the candidates ability to identify

  • The detailed meaning and opinion in the matter of two texts on the topics related to healthcare sectors ( 800words each ) for each text which is given the candidates have to answer 8-4 option MCQ


The tasks given is a letter in most cases it is a referral letter . Sometimes especially for certain professions a different format or course of letter is required

  • Letter of transfer or discharge
  • Letter of advise on patient
oet writing


  • The speaking is delivered invidually to the candidates in which they have to take part in two role - plays
  • In each role play the candidate will take up his / her process role which they are under by education while the other person plays the role of the opposite required character


  • For each section the candidate will receive a numerical score value
  • The numerical score is marked to a spreadsheet letter grade
  • Dating from A ( highest) to E( lowest)
  • OET doesn't acquire of an overall grade


The candidate much provide a valid passport or official National indentity Card in which they are taking the test


The candidate will have to achieve the structured GRADE - B in all four sections of the test ( listening , reading , writing , speaking)


B B C+ B


B C+ C+ B

This application would be accepted has the candidate has scored grade B in LISTENING , SPEAKING , READING , and C+ in writing and no score is less than C+

If the candidate scores than LESS C+ THAN IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED


time and results
  • OET is available 14times a year
  • Results are published online with a time span of 16 business days

The Description of ability for OET

Garde A  450-500

the candidate  communicates extremely fluent and effectively with patients and health professionals,  on the required base of language skills with the help of using appropriate and structural  register, tone and lexis. Tones the candidates Shows complete understanding of any kind of written or spoken language.given on task

Garde B  350-440

the candidate  communicates in an effective way  with patients and health professionals expert's , using appropriated  and structural registering, tone and lexis, with only occasionally inaccuracies and hesitations.  This proves that the candidate shows good understanding in writing , speaking , reading  C+ C 300-340 200-290 The candidate is able to  maintain the interaction in a relevant and effective and structural healthcare environment despite they consists of errors and stops   following standard spoken language normally encountered  in there field of education

Grade  c 100-190

the candidate  Can maintain some interaction and understand straightforward factually information in educational  of specialisation, but may ask for clarification towards the interaction the candidate attains  Frequent errors, inaccuracies and mis- or overuse of technical language can cause strain in communication.of the candidate

Garde E  0-90

the candidate Can manage simple based  interaction questions on familiar medical  topics and understand the main point in and brief simple messages,the candidate will be  provided  There will be repeated High-end of errors and mis- prounciation or overuse of technical language can cause significant strain and breakdowns in communication.with regard to the candidates