Migrate to Canada

Why settle in Canada?

Canada is the one of the best places for anyone from across the globe who wishes to migrate for better life style, climatic conditions, economic growth and one of the best education systems. India and China are the greatest sources for new immigrants to Canada; numerous options are available for applying for permanent residence visa. THE IMMACULATE can help you realize this dream come true. We have sent a number of people to Canada who are doing pretty well, obtained their citizenship and are now Canadian Citizens.

Immigration to Canada is expected to take off even in larger numbers mending from the financial effect caused by the corona virus pandemic.

For the country’s food supply, new qualified permanent residents, before limitations were in place, and for impermanent essential workers, Canada did not stop accepting immigration and study visas.

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Benefits of Studying in Singapore

Key Eligibility factors

  • Points to be scored: 67

Age Limit

  • 18 years to apply for Canada PR
  • Up to 46 years eligible for points
  • Decrease in points for age increase
  • Full points for 18-35 age group

Language Skill test

Applicants for Canada PR, should show your skill (minimum CLB 7) in English or French being the official languages. Candidate has to pass IELTS from an authorised agency for English Skills.

Educational Testimonial Valuation

You should be no less than a graduate to apply for PR in Canada. Educational Testimonial Valuation to be obtained from an approved authority like the WES in order to allow IRCC to verify documents from other countries. The WES process is done by THE IMMACULATE.

Job Experience

Application for Canada PR:

  • One year work experience
  • To obtain an offer to apply for Canada PR from IRCC secure ample no of points built on immigration system of Canada. In order to earn high points, 3 years of experience will be needed.


Candidates can contact THE IMMACULATE on 9841172036 or email [email protected] to apply for the SAT online. Our institute helps students to register for the exam on the College Board website or by mail, by telephone. In any way it has to be three weeks before the examination.